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Accidents can happen!

Insurance is COMPULSORY for any athlete who wishes to train and race abroad.

If you wish to attend camps run by JR Skiracing then an insurance that covers racing, race training and third party liability must be obtained before the start date and extends to cover the complete duration of the camp and travel.

Prior to the camp start date copies of the Insurance documents, together with the athlete’s medical form and an up to date E111 Card must be submitted to the office.

Many of the leading leisure ski insurance companies do not cover ski racing so it is vital that you check with your existing provider. If you are taking out insurance for the first time, there are a number of providers listed below (others are available) which offer race cover.

Snowsport England –

Snowcard –

Ski Club Of Great Britain –

JR Skiracing strongly recommends that you take out cancellation cover with your travel insurance company in case the camp has to be cancelled. This is not likely to happen unless unforeseen circumstances arise eg Lack of snow, volcanic eruption etc.

In the event of an injury the coach may be required to pay for any first aid, medical treatment and/or transport. At the end of the camp parents will be sent an invoice from JR Skiracing together with any other medical documentation, given at the time, which will be needed to make an insurance claim.

In the case of lack of snow, JR Skiracing will endeavor to keep the camp running by changing location, or commuting to the closest open resort. This usually incurs a cost, but we always try to keep the expense to a minimum.