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Private Training

Why Choose Private Coaching/Training?

There are times in an athlete’s career when it is beneficial to have a short period of intensive, private coaching.

Because the training is based around your requirements we can design a training programme that will be suit your specific needs. The ratio of athletes to coach is reduced so you can either have one-to-one coaching or choose to come with another training partner.

We have worked with elite athletes in all aspects of skiing from Slalom to DH. Our coaches will look at every aspect of your skiing to ensure that you enjoy training and racing.

We will leave no stone unturned to make sure that you receive all the support you need. We are 100% committed to athlete centered coaching to help you achieve the required outcome and goals. We guarantee to help you train more effectively both on and off the slopes so you get fitter, stronger and faster!

We offer private sessions and training camps so whatever your needs, ages or abilities, we can cater for them. If you would like more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us!