Daily Routine

Daily Routine 2018-05-21T16:52:30+00:00

Summer Camps

06.00 Athletes wake up

06.15 Breakfast

07.15 First lift up to training

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Dryland Training

17.00 Video Analysis & Ski Prep

18.30 Dinner

21.00 Lights out for athletes Under 16

On our Winter Camps, which run through the ski season, the day is slightly different. It is a well established fact that the fitter you are the better you race. We feel at JR Skiracing that for part-time athletes, we want to maximize their time on snow. Most of the strength and conditioning preparation can be done by working hard in the UK before the camp, and we can help and support any athlete who needs a fitness programme. In the Alps, the lifts are open longer so we can make use of the extra time skiing and can continue with snow training after lunch.

Dryland Training in the UK

Dryland training (Fitness) is an important part of our athletes’ regime. It not only allows the athlete to perform at a high level for longer periods but it also help prevent injuries.

JR Ski racing believe that for a part-time athlete who spends a considerable amount of time based in the UK studying; this is a major area that can be addressed while at home. We will prove the tools and understanding on the camps that the athletes can then take home and use back in their local gyms or even at the park.

The benefits of dryland training can be seen in:

• Improved Sport Performance

• Injury Prevention

• Increased Power

• Greater Flexibility and Agility

• A Healthier Lifestyle

Dryland Training on Camp

The fitness sessions we run on camp are designed by Head Coach Jo Ryding who is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and has a wealth background knowledge on what aspects are vital to compete to the highest level in ski racing. The training contains all the major elements of power, balance, speed, quickness, agility, co-ordination and endurance and is guided by the latest findings in sport science.

Just as hard work is important, so is rest and recovery. This is why we insist on good sleep and rest patterns and on days where recovery is more beneficial the athletes will take part in a variety of team building sports like volleyball, handball, soccer, tennis.

Private fitness programmes can be provide for athletes from Head coach Jo Ryding who is a fully qualified Personal Trainer. If you are interested in extra help in this area, please e-mail your request.